Foundation Photography | About
Foundation Photography was founded by Parker Reposa in 2008 at the age of 11. After receiving his first camera at 9 years old, photography has become his favorite creative outlet. Mainly specializing in surf photography and nature, Parker takes pictures of anything that is interesting to him, always looking at life through a lens. Taking photos allows him to slow down in this increasingly fast paced world.

Reposa has been inspired by his work with to spread the message of the power of photography. Through this work he hopes to help other youth, especially those in marginalized communities, help their communities by sharing tell their stories through photography.

Note from Founder

The gift of photography was given to me when my mom gave me my first digital camera. It was a Rebel Xti and I cherished it with all of my heart. Everywhere I went, I had my camera. Everything I saw, I captured. I fell in love with photography and it will always be in my blood. I was nine years old when I received my first camera on a trip to Antigua, Guatemala to pick up my adopted sister. It was there that I witnessed the power of photography. While out on a walk behind our hotel I stumbled upon a playground full of children. I began to take pictures of the children and they instantly gravitated toward my camera in curiosity, not knowing what it was. None of them had seen a digital camera before and many of them were shocked when I showed them what was produced. Their joy and amazement really opened my eyes to the power of photography.

Everyday I am inspired by the principles of photography. The thought of being able to capture or freeze a moment in time and appreciate the value, significance, and beauty of that singular event is pretty amazing. Life can be rather chaotic at times, and to be able to step back, slow things down, and gain an appreciation for your surroundings is what inspires me everyday.

Taking photos, to me, is an emotional and stimulating craft. Not only is it fun, relaxing, and challenging, but most of all it’s rewarding. The ability to create, express, and share your vision with people is a powerful way to communicate and reach out. It makes me feel like a positive piece of society and I’m grateful for the opportunities I have.